Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Empowered Reading & Downloads

Just a quick post for a few new finds. We have subscribed to Steve Maraboli and Empowered Living on iTunes. Steve is the host of The Most Listened to Internet Talk Radio Show in the USA! The show is dedicated to life, the truth and being free. He interviews many of the greatest authors and thinkers of our time. You can download the shows for FREE and listen while walking, driving, etc. The show has been keeping us company on our walks around the lake. Check it out at: or search on iTunes.

A few of our favorite finds from recent shows:

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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Power of Meditation

"As you enter the change yourself." Stuart Wilde

From a spiritual stand point, this might be all wrong. But I really have to tell you that meditation works.

Call it whatever you want: relaxation, connecting to spirit, tapping into the greater being, visualization, positive affirmations, flow dreaming, the law of attraction . . . shall I go on?

There are many names for it. I like to call it Entering The Silence. It is the essence of becoming centered. Grounding into whatever it is that you believe is guiding your life force; Universal Energy . . . God . . . Jesus . . . Angels . . . Spirit . . . Inner Being . . . Higher Self . . .
It doesn't really matter what name you use, they are completely personal -whatever works for you.

What I know for sure is this: when I focus on connecting within myself to a greater source, life begins to shift a little. It usually takes a few days of conscious effort and then I notice a positive difference. Of course when I see the tangible results, I am often so amazed by my ability that I get thrown off course for a few days while I celebrate my creation. But in all seriousness this is very real.

I am thankful for the very beautiful results that are being shown to me at this time. So this is the Zengari Guide to Meditation.

1.) Create a SACRED SPACE that you can return to everyday.
We recommend a Zen-Tent:) but any designated spot will do.
Create your own personal altar that reflects your spirit &
your beliefs.
It can be as simple as a small table with candles, photos, statues,
crystals, crosses, etc . . . whatever items remind you of a higher power.

2.)Sit or lay comfortably and just BREATHE.
Many texts recommend sitting so that you don't fall asleep, but I personally love to lay down. It is a position of more comfort, more surrender & more openness to me.
Breathe in & out. Focus on the breathe. As thoughts arise, just let them drift on by.(I actually like to keep a notepad near by so that I can jot down some of the more important thoughts. I find that these are often valid insights & if I write them down I am then free to move on, knowing I can come back to them later.)

3.)Play MUSIC that is relaxing &/or uplifting for you.
This is often an easier way to enter a realm of higher vibration. It helps to raise your vibration and create sacred space, separate from simple relaxation.
Rhapsody, Pandora, MySpace - many great online resources to find soothing tunes.

4.)A great way to start any session is with GRATITUDE. Sometimes just thinking about all of the good things that you have in your life can lift your energy instantly. This is a good practice throughout the day. Look around for things that you LOVE. Small & large - this can easily change your perspective. Most people complain about all the things they hate. Imagine being the person thinking about and commenting on what you LOVE & APPRECIATE.

5.)Another option is to download or purchase GUIDED MEDITATIONS.
There are so many resources online. A few of our favorites are:

6.)Practice using oracle cards, tarot cards, goddess cards, angel cards, inspirational message cards, etc. These decks simply provide a focus for your practice. The beauty is the more that you use them, the more information they tend to provide. A very nice way to receive messages about your life.

Just remember that simply sitting quietly for 5 minutes can bring about more peace in your world. Likewise, a short afternoon rest or nap can be equally beneficial. Deep breathing with a free mind is a wonderful thing. Daydream a little ...

The goal is to find a space and style that works for you. There are many meditation practices out there. At Zengari we believe that it can be simple and it can be easy. Start here and expand to more specific and complex practices as your heart desires. A simple feeling of connecting to yourself or to the universe can revitalize your energy, creativity & desire.

Also try to remember that meditation & a dedication to more peace & quiet in your life may not present instantaneous results. It is more like a cumulative effect, a slight increase in your energy vibration. Do it for the relaxation benefits & enjoy the spiritual benefits as they show up. The synchronicity in your life is sure to increase. Happiness & abundance as well.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zengari goes Hollywood

We took the Zen-Tents on the road last month and found ourselves enjoying a very luxurious Emmy Party!! It was a blast. We met some famous and fabulous people and made some great connections along the way. Our tents were a big hit & we got a lot of nice feedback from the Hollywood crowd.

In case you don't know the set-up, we have three Zen-Tents on-line that are available to rent for private events, but mostly we specialize in custom tent designs. We are currently in negotiations with NYC, LA & Carmel to add some beautiful stores to our network. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for Zen-Tents. Bringing more peace to the world one tent at a time!
Thanks so much to Nathalie Dubois and DPA & Associates for hosting the event, as well as Eric & Glory Wee for spoiling us rotten at their own private Hotel Hermosa. The hot tub, home cooked meals, red wine & ocean view were the perfect combination for these tired gypsies. Every single person we met at this event was kind, friendly & amazing. We are looking forward to working with our friends Erika Siefred of Eva Varro and Mercedes of Jus d'amour & Mercedes Music in the future. LA, Beverly Hills & Hermosa Beach were rockin'. We can't wait to go back!
We are now dreaming of peace and zen in the home of each and every gracious person we met at the event, as well as plotting our own screenplay and future story ideas to make our personal mark on Hollywood. (Seriously . . . we are not even kidding, we have some great ideas!)

Wishing you PeACE, LOVe & ADVeNTURE always!!!
Wendy & April
*Names of people in the above photos: Madeline Zima, Cote de Pablo, Joely Fisher, Vanessa Williams, Sarah McLachlan, Penny Marshall, Sophia Milos, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Angela Featherstone, Brayden Pierce, Angela Bassett,, Andy Serkis and wife.