Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Summertime and the livin's easy . . . makin' candles and hangin' out at the lake!

Good times with family and friends. We are so lucky!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cool Website

Just found this awesome membership website. This is exactly what we believe in and we are hoping to support with our own website. Without the locals and the artisans Venice will become a sort of Disneyland destination with no true authenticity. Consider becoming a member before your next trip to Venice . . .

The Venetian Club has been established, in part, as a response to a double challenge; declining local population (backbone of the craft industry) and the pressure imported replicas place on the survival of traditional Venetian Crafts.

We aim to be a part of a growing trend towards “Conservation Tourism” by supporting traditional Venetian Activities whose roots are set in the cultural and historical fabric of the city.

Our purpose is to develop a wider understanding of traditional Activities achieved through practical knowledge and "hands on" experience of these crafts and thus to contribute to their promotion and preservation.

To this end, The Venetian Club has brought together a family of Heritage Activities under the umbrella of the Club. By increasing international exposure and widening their market reach through a dedicated Club, we are working to bring benefit to these Crafts.

Club members themselves will benefit from a greater enjoyment of Venice and its history. A benefit achieved by introducing our members to artisans that are living and working in this Historic Crafts community.


Saving Venice – The city is faced with challenges that have been well documented. The high water or Aqua Alta is at the forefront of public consciousness, and as a result of the floods of 1966, the international community took up a commitment to help in the restoration and preservation of the historic buildings and great works of art. They have formed a web of international fund raising organisations and by working with the Italian government, the City of Venice and UNESCO, have contributed to the many significant restoration programmes.

The Growth of Tourism – The new flood that now threaten Venice is the flood of tourism. The local press have reported that the number of tourists annually visiting Venice is forecasted to grow from the present 16 million to upwards of 26 million over the coming decade.

The full impact of these numbers is still being studied but some of the effects of the current levels are already obvious. The conversion of historic buildings into hotels and B&Bs, and the declining indigenous population also weigh heavily in the concern for the long-term future of the city.

It is recognised that the continuing growth in tourism will place pressure on all aspects of the dynamics of the city – the challenge is to effectively manage the impact. In effect to ensure that the industry that supports the city – tourism – does not become the cause of its demise.

The Venetian Club works towards bringing visitors to Venice who will support and contribute to the fabric of the city and take away with them an appreciation and knowledge of a living craft tradition

Thursday, June 14, 2012


We are so happy to welcome our newest wineries in the Carmel area!! Really nice people and yummy wines. Definitely go visit if you are in the Carmel area! Their wine bottle candles look great!


Located in the Crossroads Carmel, Rio Road at Hwy 1.
Daily 11-6pm.
Taste Morgan
204Crossroads Blvd.
Carmel, CA 93923


The Tasting room is located at the Valley Hills Center - A quaint center that houses the historical Tancredi & Morgan. The popular Baja Cantina is there, as well as The Wagon Wheel - a small rustic restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch.
Daily 12-5pm
7156 Carmel Valley Rd. Carmel Valley, CA 93924
(831) 625-5040

Monday, June 11, 2012