Friday, July 23, 2010

July Newsletter

"People turn to spirit when their foundations are shaking, only to discover that it is spirit that is shaking them."
News & Thought
September 2010

Times are still crazy. Perhaps it is spirit calling to us, shaking us, waiting for us to pay attention. This month we are clearing out the clutter of our lives and creating more space for the sacred. We've included a few tips in the newsletter to help you bring more beauty and spirit into your life. Namaste.

We know that you are all familiar with our ZenTents . . .

and those of you that already have one are hopefully experiencing the advantage of keeping a permanent sacred space in your home: more peace, relaxation and beauty right there waiting for you. We love having our ZenTent space welcoming us everyday. It is an easy habit to form and it quickly begins calling to you - come in, sit down, relax into the silence.

Slow life down a little bit and enjoy it more! The silence, the quiet, the void; this is where we re-connect and re-energize. ZenTents are custom made for each client to match your mood, style and home. Please visit our website if you haven't been there in awhile.

Below you will find tips and product suggestions for creating your own Sacred Space.

The Venetian ZenTent
Just one example of the beauty and peace that we love.
A designated space makes it easy to return each day without having to prep and clean and find a new spot when you are ready for your relaxation time.

Buddhist Altars
These are antique and fairly small and light. Starting with a beautiful altar or even a simple table is the easiest way to create your own sacred space. Just clear and select a small area of your room where you can sit in peace and quiet, gather a few items that are special to you and voila!

Ex Votos are devotional objects offered as thanks for answered prayers. Ours are Italian antiques, full of history and spirit. Place items that have special meaning to you on your altar. These items can be religious symbols, stones, crytstals, photos - anything that reminds you to feel peaceful, happy, grateful, content. This is a space only for you, allow it to be eclectic and expressive.

In Closing . . .

Add soft cushions and throws. Soft candlelight. Incense or sage.

And enjoy your Sacred Spot. Return to it often. May you find Peace, Joy and Happiness there.

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