Monday, October 25, 2010

TRAVEL for Inspiration

Besides our frequent trips to the Napa Valley (which we love!), business and pleasure have also had us spending a bit of time in San Francisco and Las Vegas this past month. Now, I know these are not grand European holidays, but I must say that any travel is much, much better than no travel at all! Our lives get busy and monotonous . . . if we aren't careful things can get a bit boring. We get sucked into our own little tunnel vision of life. The beauty of travel for us gypsy sisters is the new perspective and new ideas we get while on the road.

" . . . travel is still the best way to shake up your life, shift your point of view, and embrace inspiration, but you must be wide awake and eager to take it in, or it's a waste."

- quote from a book I just finished, Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani
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So the message of the month, before holiday craziness sets in ~ TRAVEL!!! Even if it's somewhere near your home. Get out, go somewhere, do something different, have little adventures. Be open to the inspiration of new people, places, textures, foods, sights and sounds. Then when you come home you can appreciate the beauty of your everyday life a little bit more.
"Ordinary life is artful." - quote from same book