Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is pretty cool Huffington Post . . .

Am I the only person who didn't know about this? Click this link and check out the truly GREAT things that people do . . . ON A DAILY BASIS. Kind of restores my faith in humanity.

Girl, 8, Raises $1,000 For Animal Shelter

And when you are there, be sure to click through some of the other tabs as well. They are all good but I especially liked Global Motherhood & Water.

Monday, August 27, 2012


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Conversations With God

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Just finished reading the third book in the Conversations With God series. These are great books, we both totally recommend reading them all!

As I read a book, I always fold over the bottom corner of the page if it is something I want to come back and re-read. Here are a few of my favorite passages from God:

"Thought control is the highest form of prayer. Therefore, think only good things, and righteous. Dwell not in negativity and darkness. And even in those moments when things look bleak - especially in those moments - see only perfection, express only gratefulness, and then imagine only what manifestation of perfection you choose next."

"Your life is a reflection of what you desire, and what you believe you may have of what you desire. I cannot give you what you do not believe you may have - no matter how much you desire it - because I will not violate you own thought about it."

"Nothing in this universe occurs by accident."

"So . . . the point and purpose of your life is to decide and to be Who You Really Are. You're doing that every day. With every action, with every thought, with every word. That's what you're doing."

Do animals have souls?
"Anyone who has stared into the eyes of an animal already knows the answer to that."

On Meditation: " . . . the silences hold the secrets. And so the sweetest sound is the sound of silence. This is the song of the soul."

Is it possible to love more than one person at a time?
"Of course."
"Your own experience teaches you one thing - that loving everyone full out is the most joyful thing you can do."
"Any attempt to restrict the natural expressions of love is a denial of the experience of freedom - and thus a denial of the soul itself. For the soul is freedom personified. God is freedom, by definition - for God is limitless and without restriction of any kind. The soul is God, miniaturized. Therefore, the soul rebels at any imposition of limitation, and dies a new death each time it accepts boundaries from without."

"Now in the human reality, you will find that you always seek to love, and to be loved. You will find that you will always yearn for that love to be unlimited. And you will find that you will always wish you could be free to express it."

"All these words are therefore synonymous. Think of them as the same thing:

"Remember this: There is only one sacred promise - and that is to tell and live your truth. All other promises are forfeitures of freedom, and that can never be sacred. For freedom is Who You Are. If you forfeit freedom, you forfeit your Self. And that is not a sacrament, that is a blasphemy."

"Love has no requirements. That's what makes it love. If your love for another carries requirements, then it is not love at all, but some counterfeit version."

On Highly Evolved Beings (HEB'S):
" . . . they don't pollute their air, their water, and their land. They do not put chemicals into the ground, for instance, which are then taken up by plants and animals, and brought into the body upon consumption of those plants and animals.
     A HEB, in fact would never consume an animal, much less fill the ground, and the plants which the animal eats with chemicals, then fill the animal itself with chemicals, and then consume it. A HEB would correctly assess such a practice as suicidal."

SOOOO much good stuff. This isn't even all of the pages I marked, but enough for today. Food for thought!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

VIP Vatican & Private Sistine

With Private Sistine Chapel & Secret Rooms Access

A new Vatican tour with NEVER BEFORE access to closed chambers & a PRIVATE viewing of the Sistine Chapel!!!!!

Details from their website:

Uncover the mysteries of the Vatican with our new special access, VIP tour that opens doors and takes you to parts of the Vatican Museums rarely (if ever!) seen by the public. Our exclusive tour includes not only the classic sites, such as the Pinecone Courtyard, the Apollo Belvedere and the Raphael Rooms – but also unprecedented access to locked-door areas and time to explore the museums after they have closed to the public.

We travel with a Vatican guard who opens doors and lifts ropes for us, giving us the opportunity to glimpse corners and collections that few visitors will ever see. On an average day we’ll see the famous spiral staircase of Scala del Bramante and Cappella Niccolina – a secret chapel within the walls of the Vatican with frescoes that pre-date Michelangelo’s. But with our tour schedule and stops ever changing and adapting, you never know which rooms you’ll see or which secrets you’ll uncover on your visit.

Our grand finale will be a visit to the world-famous Sistine Chapel. Here you’ll avoid the crowds, gaining access to the chapel after it has closed to the public. The only people inside the room will be your intimate group of 10 people on average and your guide. What’s more, unlike the usual group tour where guides are not permitted to speak inside the chapel, your guide will have a full 30 minutes to take you through Michelangelo’s masterpiece, pointing out the highlights and explaining the symbology behind one of the world’s great masterpieces.

This is the smallest, most exclusive tour of its type being offered by any operator in the Vatican, with access to more closed areas than any tour before. Join us as we explore the secret rooms of the Vatican and unearth treasures untold. It’s bound to be the highlight of any visit to Rome!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Good News Network

Ok, for years we have been tired of hearing celebrity gossip that is only out there to bring people down, or turning on the evening news for a rundown of only terrible things that have happened that day. We were just talking the other day saying we should start a website with ONLY GOOD NEWS! All the good things that people on this planet do. Well, lucky for us someone already did it. Check this out for a few minutes and just try not to smile . . .

Today's Headlines:

Unique 'Pay it Forward' Business School in Africa Gives Free Tuition for Graduates to Serve

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Wineries

More New Labels

We are shopping these around for boutiques, home decor stores, etc. They are fun, eco, vintage & inspirational!