Friday, May 18, 2012


This is the link and a little info from a REALLY COOL, CRAZY, ENTERTAINING & INFORMATIVE retreat we just attended. 
Check it out!

Momentum is a very real force of nature and we're all being influenced by it one way or another. Either we're creating a momentum in the direction of more energy, more strength and more happiness, or we're moving in the direction of dis-ease. Depsite doing plenty of good things for yourself, if the crucial amount of momentum and energy is not generated in the direction of your desire, it is very difficult to make impactful and long-lasting changes. 
This is the essence of the Life-Force Formula.
The Life-Force Formula is a powerful class that is the distilled essence of The Complete Course of Ayurveda. This approach to Ayurveda not only teaches you the herbs, foods and therapies that are very important for creating health, it teaches you the underlying art and science of living in harmony with the essence of who you are. It gives you a system and structure for understanding your unique body and mind and shows you how to utilize every aspect of your life as a tool for generating the physical vitality you need to thrive (even while under stress), and a crystal clear mind that is focused and sharp.